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Introduction of Production Flow
Post:2012/5/4 10:47:54 Hit:2973

With a series of machines, the worn out tires can be made into particles which can be reused. The procedures are presented in the production flow chart below.

During every procedure a specific kind of equipment is needed:
A Tire Cutting machine is to cut and separate a tire to different parts: the part with steel circle and the one without.
Steel Rim Separator would process the part with steel rim and separate the steel rim from the rubber.
A Strip Cutting machine is to cut the part without steel rim into strips.
A Cutting and Slicing machine is to cut the strips into small pieces.
A Pulverizer is to grinder the little pieces into small particles.
A Devulcanizer is to do desulfuring which is a chemical process. After the process, the particles would be turned into raw rubber from cured rubber.
A Rubber Refining machine is to refine the materials from last procedure. At the same time, it would squeeze the materials repeatedly to make the material into sheet shape.